Dog Sitter Manhattan

Professional and personal care are waiting for your pet at A Buddy For Hire’s Dog Boarding in Manhattan. Let the pet friendly staff take care of your dog or cat while you are away. Discounts for multi-pet families. Your vacation or business trip can be stressful for your pets too. Placing them in a soothing environment can make all the difference for them while you are out of town. Discover how convenient and easy it is to board your dogs here, they will play and have a great time and might even forget to miss you! Playtime, walks and dog parks keep your dog happy while boarding away from home. You can be confident that your dog is safe and enjoying his or her time away from home. Dog Boarding in Manhattan can be fun for your pet, and you can travel without the worry over your home while you are away. Happy pets love A Buddy for Hire!

Manhattan Dog Sitter

Here you will find happy pet friendly people that love your pets as much as you do! The NYC dog sitters will take the time to romp and play with your dog/s inside and outside. For our cat sitters and cat visiting service, treats and playtime are on the top of the list! When you need to travel for work or vacation, the best place for your pet may be to stay at your place. Have professional and experienced pet sitters and dog walkers take care of your pets at your home where they are the most comfortable. You can provide a lower stress experience for your dog or cat by letting they stay at home instead of boarding away from home. A Buddy for Hire can make your vacation easy, leave your fur kids to us for care and comfort while you are away. Offering in home pet sitting, walking and check in services for your dog(s) or cat(s) in NYC.